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Make Better
Leadership Decisions.

What We Believe

Bad leaders are elected due to lack of knowledge.As such Kenya Decides aims to let each leader's works speak for themselves.We profile each leader, their achievements and their manifesto.We will,then, keep track of each leader and see if they stick to their promises to Kenyans.With such information, we believe Kenyans will be equipped to make better decisions when choosing leaders.


We list all the aspirants for the presidency and the various county offices across the country.With each aspirant, we give their summarised bio detials, any work experince and achievements.As such we aim to ensure all candidates are given equal opportunities.


Each aspirant's manifesto is presented in a summarised form with key items highlited.This manifesto will form the performance index against which each aspirant will be measured if elected.

Performance Track

We will keep track of each elected candidate to see if he/she fulfills all the items stated in the manifesto.We hope the perfomance index to be community given by the general public who live in the area.